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Inside PR

Jan 15, 2008

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This week on Inside PR, Dave and Terry discuss ideas about how to measure stakeholder relations campaigns and tactics. They also welcome comments from Michael Netzley, Bob Ledrew and Amy Cole.

Show Notes

00:35 Dave introduces the show and reminds listeners that he will be on the TV show Test the Nation: Trivia this Sunday, January 20.

03:58 Dave talks about what he wears when he blogs.

06:20 Terry announces that Thornley Fallis has signed up two new social media folks: Michael Seaton and Bob Ledrew.

08:13 Terry welcomes a commentary on the history of professional communication from Michael Netzley. He phoned in to share his first installment of what will become a 'Communications Legacies' series.

17:04 Dave and Terry welcome a 'Rudolph' comment from Bob Ledrew.

21:21 Amy Cole writes in with a comment about how to measure stakeholder-relations communication plans. Dave and Terry decide to use the idea as today's main topic.

32:19 Inside PRoper English: Thanks to Sallie Goetsch for these words to avoid: 'actionable' and 'learnings'.

33:47 Terry winds up the show with all pertinent details. Fans of Inside PR on Facebook click here to join.

Our theme music is Streetwalker by CJacks, and is from the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.