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Inside PR

Jun 29, 2006

This is a special edition of Inside PR. Terry and Dave have a 30-minute discussion with Andrew Laing, President of Cormex Research.  Discussion ranged from media coverage measurement tools to the need for agencies to incpororate measurement in their PR plans.

Jun 26, 2006

Show Notes:

00:27  David opens the show and invites comments to the IPR comment line 206-600-4741.

1:31  David and Terry introduce and briefly discuss comments from Glen Myles, Erik Deutsch, Bryan Person, Joseph Thornley, and David Phillips.

13:48  David and Terry discuss McMaster University's new Masters in...

Jun 19, 2006

Comments?  206-600-4741,,

Show Notes:

00:28 Terry opens the show and notes the comment line is active and awaiting your calls. 206-600-4741

1:20 David talks about posting the audio comments to the blog as they are received as opposed to saving them up for the weekly podcast. What...

Jun 12, 2006

Comments:  206-600-4741 &

Show Notes:

(Detailed show notes at Inside PR.)

00:24  David opens the show and tells listeners how they can comment.

03:07  Terry reads a comment from a listener in Beijing.

07:25  Terry reads excerpts from a lengthy and thoughtful comment from Jonathan Craig, a...

Jun 5, 2006


206-600-4741 or

Show Notes

00:28    Terry opens the show and reminds listeners about the new comment line.  206-600-4741.

01:20.    Terry reads a comment from Owen Lystrup, a student at California State University regarding PR/Communciations schools that teach social media as part...