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Inside PR

May 28, 2006

Our new IPR comment phone line is 206-600-4741.

Show Notes

00:30  Dave opens the show and notes that there will be a concerted effort to dial up the energy this week

01:51  Terry reads comments from Robert French and CC Chapman about IPR#7 that were forgotten in last week's show.

05:20  Terry notes that Ed Lee, one...

May 23, 2006

Show Notes

00:28 David opens the show noting that we're again recording via Skype.

1:13 David and Terry discuss an e-mail comment from Francis Wooby in Iqaluit, our northernmost IPR listener.

5:43 Terry introduces comments from Sheldon Rose about the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms, and Dan Brien on the...

May 18, 2006

Show Notes

In this IPR Special Edition, Terry and Pat Gossage, the founder and President of Media Profile and former media advisor to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, meet to discuss political communications among other things.

00:16  Terry introduces Pat Gossage

00:52  Terry asks Pat about his career in politics and how...

May 15, 2006

Inside PR #7, May 15, 2006

Show Notes:

00:30 Terry opens the show

1:00 Dave notes that we recorded over Skype again from two separate locations. He also announces that six weeks after launching IPR, we’ve surpassed 100 subscribers according to Libsyn.

04:48 Dave and Terry discuss C.C. Chapman’s new marketing...

May 8, 2006

Show Notes - Inside PR #6 (37:37)
00:25  Terry opens the show
01:04  Dave notes IPR 6 is being recorded using Skype for the first time
01:48  Dave talks about the equipment upgrade
02:20  Dave offers help to any podcasters who want advice on podcasting over Skype; thanks Shel Holtz for the advice on set-up
03:31  Terry...