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Inside PR

Oct 16, 2017

Think about what you heard yesterday. Do you remember the facts that you heard or do you remember the stories that you were told?

We've come a long way since the days when corporate executives were rehearsed in the art of "bridging" in order to keep returning to their predetermined key messages. Authenticity didn't count as much then as it does in the art of social media. T

erry Fallis' career in communications has reaches back to those days. But he left them behind to be an early pioneer in social media (He was the original co-host of Inside PR). And along the way, he began writing. Six novels later, he's an award winning best-selling author who advises executives and public figures on how to communicate effectively in the era in which we all have a voice.

Listen as he talks with Joseph Thornley about the importance of narrative and story telling.