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Inside PR

Dec 31, 2015

On this week's Inside PR podcast, Gini Dietrich and I take a look at some big changes about to occur on the mobile Web and the changed world of professional communicators. 

AMPhtml will speed up the mobile web

If you haven't been paying attention to AMPhtml, you should be. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it is Google's effort to speed up the mobile Web. It has involved publishers, tech companies, analytics providers and advertisers in the effort. We should start to see Google AMP pages start to show up in search results in late February. Early test reports suggest that users will see substantial improvements in the speed of pages served on mobile devices. Pinterest, for example, "found that AMP pages load four times faster and use eight times less data than traditional mobile-optimized pages."

Write interesting content on topics that people are about

How do you create content that people really want? Well, a proven technique is to write about the things that people are searching for. Gini tells us about some useful keyword tools she is using: AnswerthePublicFAQFox, and KWFinder. We know that we have to write unique content that will be valuable to people. But it still helps to write about things that people care about.

Finally, we talk about how different what we do as communicators as we enter 2016 is from what we did a few years ago. We're more digital, analytics-driven, performance producing. But we wonder if the broader industry can make this move.

Martin Waxman was traveling this week. However, he will rejoin us for next week's podcast.