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Inside PR

Jun 7, 2017

Pinterest acquires Delicious and will preserve it as an archive. Martin Waxman provides a primer on social listening for business. And Mary Meeker tells us about the Internet Trends that are shaping our world. Gini Dietrich, Martin Waxman and Joseph Thornley are together for another episode of the Inside PR podcast. Farewell Delicious Delicious was one of the first social apps that Gini, Martin and Joe used. A place to bookmark content and share it with our communities. An early pioneer, Delicious sold to Yahoo … and the end began. Yahoo didn't know what to do with Delicious. The app stagnated and was overtaken by newer competitors like Diigo. And now one of those rivals, Pinboard, has purchased Delicious. Pinterest's 1 billion entries will be preserved as an archive of the early social web. Thank you Pinboard for preserving the archives. Martin Waxman is a celebrity Yes, Martin is a celebrity, a, LinkedIn Training celebrity. In 2016, he produced his first course for, Social Media Marketing for Small Business. Now, his second online course for Lynda/LinkedIn - Social Listening for Marketers - has been published. It takes a 50,000 foot look at the importance of social listening, how it has transformed research, how it has enabled us to understand and connect with customers. Martin loves the team. And he has enjoyed developing these courses. So, check out his newest and expect more in the future. The State of the Internet Social media geeks wait all year long for Mary Meeker's Internet Trends report. And this year, Meeker again unveiled the report at a presentation at the Code Conference. This year's presentation weighed in at 355 slides - yes, that is not a typo. 355 slides. That's a lot of data and insight. We discuss some of the things that we found most interesting.