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Inside PR

Jan 1, 2008

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This week on Inside PR, David and Terry come up with 8 New Year's Resolutions that they hope their clients are making for 2008. They also welcome comments from Bob LeDrew, Joe Thornley and Josh Turner.

Show Notes

00:34 Dave introduces the show.

03:20 Email comment from Bob LeDrew re: Veritas' social media survey.

05:15 A comment from Joe Thornley on the Inside PR blog re: developing a social media measurement roundtable event.

07:14 Josh Turner also commented on the Inside PR blog with a link to a chronological history of Santa Claus.

08:00 Dave introduces this week's main topic: 8 New Year's Resolutions That We Hope Our Clients Are Writing.

29:30 Inside PRoper English: appraise vs. apprise.

30:20 Terry signs off with all of the pertinent details. Fans of Inside PR on Facebook - click here to join.

Our theme music is Streetwalker by CJacks, and is from the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.