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Inside PR

Dec 17, 2008

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This week on Inside PR Terry Fallis, David Jones, and Martin Waxman discuss how social media has changed the media landscape and ask if PR professionals can step up, understand this new environment  and honour the new strictures of social media while still serving the needs of their clients.

Show Notes:

00:26 Terry opens the show.

01:14 Terry discusses an email exchange that led to today's topic: An exchange occurred recently between Ira Basen of CBC radio and Joe Thornley. This stemmed from a speech that Ira made at a Canadian Institute conference on Social Media, which Joe twittered. Joe presented this exchange on his blog. He also provides Ira's speech on his blog.

02:59 Terry introduces today's topic(s): How social media has changed the media landscape and Can PR professionals step up, understand this new environment and honour the new strictures of social media and still serve the needs of their clients?

04:41 Martin discusses the changing media landscape.

07:20 Terry discusses social media's effect on the media landscape.

10:09 Dave discusses Ira's speech and the notion of the editorial gatekeeper.

19:11 Terry discusses the idea of the gatekeeper.

20:20 Terry reads from Ira's speech. ref: Jay Rosen.

23:42 Dave discusses Ira and his opinion of Pr practitioners.

27:30 Terry discusses Whirlpool's American Family podcasts and social media.

30:04 Terry closes the show.

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This week’s episode was produced by Janna Guberman.