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Inside PR

Nov 23, 2016

This week we try "speed podcasting." Martin, Gini and Joe triple booked ourselves. So, we only had twelve minutes to record the show. Could we make it in that time? Well we could if we focused on the #IPRMustKnows. #IPRMustKnow Vine faces its existential threat Say goodbye to Will Sasso and disappearing oranges. Say goodbye to Vine as Twitter focuses their business and decides that Vine is not part of its future. Could there be a white knight out there who will take Vine off Twitter's hands and keep it alive? Facebook launches digital masks It may be only in Ireland right now, but Facebook's emulation of Snapchat's most popular features marches on. Facebook's strategy: Never stay still. Look for what's hot. Copy. Profit. Trump's digital campaign machine We recorded this just prior to the election. And even though we couldn't see the outcome, Gini pays reluctant tribute to Donald Trump's digital team. A remarkable story. We did it! Inside PR in under twelve minutes. We had a great time recording this. It's like speed podcasting.