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Inside PR

Mar 2, 2016

On this week's Inside PR, Gini Dietrich and Joseph Thornley talk about keeping comments from dying. Gini talks about her experience with the SpinSucks blog. Gini has watched comments on her blog decrease while conversation on private Facebook groups has increased. One of the things she is doing to bring renewed life to the comment area of SpinSucks is to switch from LiveFyre to Postmatic for comment management. Postmatic enables commenting via email. Danny Brown is a big advocate of Postmatic, which enables commenting via email. Danny says that he has experienced a substantial lift in comments on his blog since enabling email comments through Postmatic. So, Gini has decided to try it. She's testing it out now and will chronicle her experience with it on future episodes of Inside PR.

We also talk about the absolute must-use, can't live without it tool for all content publishers - Google Analytics. Gini and I use Analytics daily for all of our sites. We talk about why - the insights into the performance of our content. We spend so much time creating it. Why walk away and simply hope that it reached an audience. We share how we use it - and hopefully this will help you as well.